<aside> ❓ Why I want to read this?

It’s Arnold! But really, a lot of blogger types spoke very highly of this.


<aside> 💡 Overall Thoughts

First off, I’m not sure why, but this felt surprisingly short. I’m not convinced my audiobook didn’t skip a chapter or something.

That said, there are some key points that came out of the book that really resonated.

As the title suggests, “Be Useful.” This is so simple but so great.

Along with that, vision. Everyone talks about it. Arnold gave a roadmap. It was interesting to see how he did so many things to pursue his desire to be a movie star. Another way to frame this is by setting your goals way out there. Arnold didn’t just want to be a great bodybuilder. He wanted to be the best there ever was while simultaneously making bodybuilding a mainstream event. And that was just his first step towards a goal of becoming a movie star.

Third, being a learner. I loved his constant callouts to be curious, learn, and grow. He nailed it.

Definitely recommend.